Pop My World suggests you unusual places to realise your childhood dream during your wedding …

If during your childhood, your most dearest wish was to go to the funfair to enjoy candy floss and toffee apple, or to ride the most beautiful horse of the carousel or to impress your friends with the rifle shooting or the coconut shy … Well, the place Yves is what you are looking for !


This unique place is divided into five areas with a magical atmosphere. You will find there old and restored carousel which will instantly bring you back in your childhood. Just picture yourself, feeling the wind in your hair and riding one of the frisky wooden horses in your newly bride or husband’s arms !

If, when you was a very small child, you dreamed of sailing over the oceans to discover the Treasure Island, then the place Elisa will grant all your wishes !


It is under a starry sky that you will discover this idyllic island and its luxurious palm trees. Just for an evening, you and your bride / husband will become captain of a fabulous expedition. In this spectacular setting with tropical attributes, you are sure to turn your wedding into an unprecedented adventure !

If as a child, you were already fond of love stories and that Romeo and Juliet had no secret for you, then Pop My World suggests you the place Camélia !


From the charming balcony, located in a very romantic setting, you will be able to listen to your love’s declaration of love… Before enjoying a pleasurable moment in the peaceful English garden of the house, which is a true greenery setting.


Whatever your childhood dream is, Pop My World will make it true for you ! Our catalogue is composed of numerous offbeat and new venues, incredible and exclusive places, to make your wedding a true special day as well as an unbelievable moment !


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