Today, Pop My World gives you a unique opportunity: to spend a memorable evening in a beautiful garden… right in the very heart of the capital ! On top of that, with a splendid view over the Eiffel Tower… It seems unbelievable but this is exactly what the place Camélia offers you.


You will celebrate your incredible event in this magnificent hôtel particulier located in the 16th quarter of Paris. This house is not any house…

This beautiful dwelling was in fact the home of the famous couturier Christian Dior, of Pearl White, the silent films figure and many other well-known artists !

This prestigious place, built in 1883, has a total surface of 100 Sqm of private rooms as well as a pleasant English garden of 130 Sqm offering a beautiful view over the Eiffel Tower.

Jean-Christophe 3

This magic setting, located in the heart of Paris, could have been closed for good because of its bad condition. Thanks to numerous work, this splendid house, which was in complete ruins, is now reborn and ready to rent ! At the time, while the most famous artists from the artistic world were host there, he house was not famous for its bedroom or its garden but for its bathroom ! It was then decorated in the Art Nouveau style which owned it the title of “the swimming pool”.


If you want to plan an extraordinary event, this exceptional house will meet all your wishes.

What about a bucolic atmosphere for your evening ? You will host your guests in the garden of the house and will  be served by a caterer, with the sound coming from a piano or a harp  while a flower designer will show his most beautiful creations… To end the party, an opera singer will go along with your dreams under the starry sky of the capital.

Camélia 5

If, at nightfall, your only wish is to go sleeping.. You will only have to go upstairs as the hôtel particulier put at your disposal a sumptuous bedroom which was Christian Dior’s own bedroom… Sure you will make some people green !

Jean-Christophe 18

Pop My World makes it a vow : be it a private wedding or a corporate party, the place Camélia will realise all your dreams !