As always, Pop My World is up to date to make you discover the beauties of the capital ! Today, we invite you to visit the Archives Nationales and the Hôtel of Soubise … But also warehouses, closed to the public, where Pop My World will organise unforgettable events.

Musée des Archives Nationales

First, the Archives Nationales stand for a series of numbers which make one dizzy. Do you know that all of these papers and parchments represent 350 miles of a linear paper?

Before becoming the Parisian headquarter of the Archives Nationales in 1808, the Hôtel of Soubise was inhabited by a lot of princes since the 14th century. The prince and princess of  Soubise gave it its name in 1704, and then asked architect Pierre-Alexis Delamair to refurbish it.

The Archives Nationales shelters numerous of precious documents as well as items which were once used as exhibits as for instance, Fieschi’s “infernal machine”. n 1835, Fieschi created this firearm from 25 barrels put next to each other in order to murder King Louis-Philippe.


The Archives nationales own the biggest collection of seal moulding, from France and all over the world, which is composed of 38000 items. Some of them encapsulate very surprising secrets… Researchers were all amazed to discover in one of the royal seals many hair of Carolingian and Merovingian sovereigns such as Childebert III, Chilpéric II, Pepin the short, or Charlemagne. The main use of these hair dropped off in seal at the bottom of acts was to strengthen and to secure the executive power of the law. It also emboded the power of the King.



For the exhibition named “Presumed Guilty” which will end on March, 27th, the Archives Nationales shows documents in relation with different trials throughout centuries about women found guilty of witchcraft, agitators, poisoners or traitors. Do you know that in one of the registers of the Parliament, one can find a representation of Joan of Arc, the only depiction of her during her life? The exhibition also shows official documents of Marie-Antoinette’s trial as well as her very last letter:



Pop My World was keen to open the doors of the most beautiful rooms of the Hôtel of Soubise, in particular the Prince and Princess private apartment, decorated by architect Germain Boffrand.

In these rooms, Pop My World will set up a 30 guests dinner, followed by an exceptional visit of the archives, in search of rooms which are usually closed to the public but lent for your event.

Let’s begin with the oval living-room of the Prince of Soubise. In the past, it was mainly used as a music room. Nowadays, people still marvel at the refinement of its gilding and its decoration.


Let’s walk in the oval living-room of the Princess… If you look up at the ceiling, you will discover splendid paintings depicting the story of Eros and Psyché.

Salon Ovale de la Princesse

Thanks to Pop My World, you could benefit from an advantageous access to the warehouses, usually closed to the public, such as the magnificent Parliament Gallery.

Archives 3

Picture: Parliament Gallery

Trust Pop My World to make of your event a unique and unforgettable moment !

Many thanks to Guillaume Dinkel for his anecdotes about the Archives Nationales.