This year, it is settled: Pop My World is getting into sport! It is the occasion for you to discover the Digital Sportive Wall 2.0, an original entertainment proposed by Digi-Sports 2.0 for all your events!


Tennis, handball, football, rugby, basket… No sport is out of reach for the Digital Wall 2.0. Those who have already used it are quite positive: Digi-sport did not let them indifferent!

This device, which can be set up outdoor as well as indoor. It will unite young and old alike, from skillful athletes to enthusiastic beginners. There is no endless queue: you have the opportunity to try your luck into this digital tournament without sparing your time in line. Each game lasts between 60 to 90 seconds and up to 6 persons can simultaneously play. The Digital Wall 2.0 will please on average 100 players per hour!


Do you want a tip to win the game? You have to be dexterous and quick as you can! Your reflex and resistance will be put through the mill before the audience, obviously in a awe because of your game!


The Digital Wall 2.0 (which also includes its accessories) is quickly assembled and disassembles (less than 1 hour). It is a little juice-guzzler as it works with a standard socket.


Jo Wilfried Tsonga even get caught in the game! Do not hesitate, if you want a successful event, choose the Digital Wall 2.0!