Undoubtedly, you have noticed that a new place is now available on Pop My World website: it is the Jean-Charles space, a freshly refurnished showroom located in le Marais. The inauguration of this beautiful and bright space took place on last January, 12, 2017, in the presence of the current owner named Jean-Charles, of Aidenbaum, mayor of the third arrondissement, and Virginie Connan, the founder of Pop My World.

The owner, who is described by his friends as a an “exceptional man”, has first delivered a speech in which he warmly spoke about his neighbourhood.

Le Marais has known a difficult phase but Jean-Charles stated that people have to keep hope alive in a bright future. the vocation of his new showroom will be to host the whole world, from the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, to famous people from politics or literary world, to fashionistas… The most important thing for Jean-Charles is to gather all of these people in his new place.


The guests were then gathered around a tasty buffet which gave them the occasion to wonder about the size of this offbeat place. Its secret? Its walls are made of white stones from the Marais, the daylight is getting its way through the magnificent zenithal glass roof / walls and a splendid cellar which vaults are typical of the neighbourhood.

There is nothing left but to say good luck to this new showroom which, and we are really convinced to say so, will host sumptuous events!