In Situ 2 (c)Isabelle Chapuis & Alexis Pichot

There is such a smell of freshness at Pop My World… Here is another magical place in our catalogue!

It is a beautiful place dedicated to the world of scents. And guess what? Our team had the opportunity to visit it this week! Flashback on one of Pop My World’s must-see venues:


We first crossed over a charming paved courtyard, before discovering a sumptuous private mansion whose preserved architecture tells a passionate story. This place was indeed inhabited by several Master gardeners throughout the 17th century, then by bourgeois owners, and at last by a very famous painter. It was a very popular place for a lot of artists as it was the headquarter of two very famous fashion houses.


Welcomed for a private tour, we were first taken to the basement in order to discover the historical story of perfume, from its different use throughout ages to its most fascinating ingredients.

Photo by Irene de Rosen

Photo by Irene de Rosen

We then went to the third floor to discover a mysterious garden composed of numerous white flowers to amazing smells… Who could imagine that by plunging our noses into these petals, it would be possible to smell wood fire, a soda or chocolate spread ? After these enriching sensory experiences, we then went to the second floor we tried a hand to the art of a parfumier: we smelt different golden spheres which contain sweet fragrances… Needless to say that after this visit, we are now true “nose”!


We were eventually opened the doors of the last floor, where we were pleased to discover a small living-room, very cosy and modern. We had no difficulty to imagine ourselves in this room for a peaceful study day!

We left this place with a delighted nose! We also hope that you will choose this place for your future event!