Who are we?

Pop My World is a rental agency specialized in prestigious spaces in Paris. We are the only agency to rent to all types of customers, from private to professional, both in France and abroad.

Pop My World establishes a connection between the owners of prestigious venues and the customers, both from the professional and private sectors, for daily / weekly / monthly rentals for seminars, business dinners, team-building workshops, weddings, birthdays or bar mitzvahs.
Pop My World offers its services
– to owners who wish to improve and publicize their venues
– to customers from the private and professional sector, in order to easily find the space best adapted to their demands.

Why choose PMW?

1) We offer a large selection of unique and prestigious venues, some of which we even offer exclusively! Our large selection of prestigious spaces ranges from gallery spaces to Haussman style apartments.
2) We combine each of our pictures with a detailed description of the venue, from its location to the type of events that can be organized in the space.
3) We offer a customized service. With us, every customer is pampered. One person is in charge of your request from start to finish.
4) We are flexible thanks to our wide variety of venues. You will have access to prestigious spaces in the Imperial or Haussmann style, workshops, galleries, pop-up stores, film sets, rooftops, castles, villas, lofts, museums…

In addition, we offer you:

Pop My World will accompany you throughout the process in a manner customized to your request and your budget. We do all we can to offer you the best of spaces for your event, according to their availability, and all of that in record time.

What type of events can you organize with PMW?

On our website, the venues listed are made to welcome many different types of events. They can be rented for product launches, fashion shows during the famous Paris Fashion Week, film shoots, receptions, cocktail dinners, parties, private dinners, seminars, conferences, team-building workshops, acoustic concerts and many other things! You can let your imagination run wild!

If you are interested in one of our venues, you will not be able to contact its owner directly. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding an event you would like to organize.

What type of stay can you organize with PMW?

Pop My World offers you a large selection of flats and houses in France and abroad for your short-term stays. You can choose magnificent accomodations from our range of Haussmann-style apartments, castles, manors and estates, to plan your holidays with your family or friends.

The availability of each listing depends on the dates requested and the owner’s agreement.

How can we help you with the organization of your event?

Pop My World helps you pick out venues for your event, building off of your specifications until we find the perfect place.

And our services don’t stop there! We can also offer you all sorts of additional services: caterers, hostesses, butlers, drivers, DJs, entertainment, … Your event will be everything you hoped for and beyond!

How to choose the perfect place?

Every of our venues is online, on our website. We suggest that you have a look at the site in order to define the style that suits you. Don’t hesitate, during your research, to send us the name of other venues you might have seen outside of our website so that we can suggest similar places in our online catalog. Some of our venues do not appear in our catalog in order to respect the privacy of the owners.

You can also ask our advice by calling us or by sending us an email. Our advisors will suggest a large selection of places which might match your event, of course subject to availability.

Who are our service providers?

We work with a certain number of service providers whom you can find on our website.

We work hand in hand with the best hostess agencies, caterers, parking valets…

How do I list a venue?

To list your venue, you can send us an email at contact@pop-myworld.com, specifying the location, the type of stays or events we can organize as well as high-quality pictures and a description of the space.

If your venue matches our criteria, we will get in touch with you. We give a new name to each listing. Your presence on the site is free and without obligation.

Can an owner decline an event?

The owner can decline an event, since he or she holds the rights to his or her property. Once the owner receives the specifications, and after a thorough reading of the request, he or she informs us of the agreement. However, once the agreement is signed, there is no possibility for the owner to cancel the event, unless otherwise stated in the agreement.

Each venue has its list of potential events. We are also here to give you advice about the spaces the most adapted to your request.

Is there an agreement to sign?

For each rental, be it for an event or a stay, an agreement is signed between the owner and Pop My World and between the customer and Pop My World. The customer and the owner are committed to respect the terms of the contract.

What are the terms of payment?

The payment is usually made in 2 installments : first, a deposit of 50% of the bill (including all taxes) when the agreement is signed. The other deposit is to be made either in the two weeks leading up to the event or in the week following the event (depending on the venue and the owners).

How much does it cost to look for a space on PMW?

Searching for a space to host your event is free with Pop My World, whether you  decide to browse our website or call our advisers.

The price indicated on the quote we send takes into account Pop My World’s commission.