A few tips for a successful showroom


In less than a month, the most influential professionals from the fashion world will gather in Paris for the Fashion Week, which will take place from the 3rd to the 9th of March.

For many, it’s the perfect occasion to showcase their creations and obtain a distribution deal with the renowned fashion professionals. This often happens through the organisation of a very good showroom or pop-up store.

Virginie, the founder of  Pop My World the agency that specialises in temporary spaces, shares her advice with us on how to set up a successful showroom:

1. Carefully choose the location of your showroom or pop-up store
The aim is to maximise the participation of the public, as well as the professional buyers. There are therefore areas that are more sought after than others, where you have a better chance of meeting these potential buyers. For example the Saint Honore quarter or le Marais. This is why in most cases you reach out to specialised professionals like Pop My World instead of contacting a normal agency. One has to be able to advise the client on the most strategic location, therefore have some knowledge of the fashion world.

2. Choose a venue where you will be able to recreate the brand identity
You can either choose a venue that will leave a strong impression on your collection. Or you can choose a more neutral venue that can be personalised to suit your needs. One shouldn’t hesitate to collaborate with interior designers to give a certain look and feel to your showroom or pop-up store.

3. Taking care of logistics
Make sure that the size of your collection and furniture fills up the venue you have chosen. Make sure that you are able to change up the display of your different items.

4. Make yourself known

You shouldn’t forget to pass on the information on all social network platforms, blogs and websites that are looking for new talents. Contacting your clients and looking out for new ones is as important.


All the best!