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Find the perfect pop up store in the best district of Paris, Le Marais, with Pop My World! The place to be during the Fashion Week! With us you will find everything you need to launch your ideas in the renowned fashion capital!

Pop My World’s always doing its best to look for new places. We are here to help your creativity with all of our uncommon and prestigious addresses.


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This black and white gallery has an impressive surface area of 2476 sqm on the ground floor and 1077 sqm in the basement. Come enjoy this modern and airy space located in Le Haut Marais.


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This former workshop of 3391 sqm is divided in 3 levels. ADELE is luminous and sophisticated and it will give a touch of chic to your pop up store.


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This unique 19th century building will host your showroom in the very heart of Le Marais. It is built on 3 levels connected by stairs and a lift. This beautiful and bright space has all the technology equipment you need.


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The loft FLORENCE is made up of two mezzanines, one of 2584 sqm and the other one of 786 sqm. Its glass roof provides plenty of light in this roomy loft located on the first floor of a very quiet neighborhood.


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With this chic 85 sqm loft-style gallery and pop up store you can’t be missed, it is located on a street with plenty of foot traffic. People will be able to take a look from the outside thanks to the two large display windows.

If you are interested in one of these galleries for your showroom or pop up store, or for any other type of event, contact us at (+33) or at !