For nearly 250 years, the brand Baccarat produced very high quality crystals. Nowadays it is a brand renowned around the world and it is the eldest glass company and crystal factory on this market.
Many museums, houses, manors, villas and even royal castles are decorated with this brand’s products.

Baccarat’s story starts in 1765 when Louis XV ordered the creation of a glass manufacturing factory in a small town in the East of France, near Strasbourg. That’s when Monseigneur de Montmorency-Laval, Metz bishop, opened the glass factory.
For half a century, the factory was resold several times.
But in 1816, Aimé-Gabriel d’Artigues bought it and made it into a crystal manufacturing factory. At this time he already had a crystal production, so he already knew how crystal manufacturing worked.

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Thanks to M. d’Artigues, it was the beginning of Baccarat’s success. Kings of France only ordered crystal from d’Artigues. Even Russian emperors admired Baccarat’s production and bought the brand’s products.

It is interesting to highlight the fact that Baccarat was the first in France to produce colored crystal. It was an incredible success.
Until now, Baccarat still has its name and reputation, which is quite difficult to achieve in this industry.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Baccarat got into the jewels market, when it produced its exclusive collection of jewels made with colored glass.
At the same time, the Baccarat brand started to cooperate with famous designers. One of the most famous collaboration was the project made with Philippe Starck : an exclusive crystal collection was launched. Moreover, M. Starck decorated Baccarat Parisian house, which includes a shop, a restaurant, and a museum.


The ballroom

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