You were all expecting it: the Fashion Week is now launched! It is the occasion for us to come back on the history of this international event which welcomes every year true passionate of fashion, in Paris, New-York and Milan!


In France, the Fashion Week is a custom which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. This event was taking place 2 times a year. Little by little, the shows gained in prestige and fame. They gradually became greatly prized by international stars. For each Fashion Week, it is more than a 100 of brands which put under the spotlight their creations, in the most beautiful places of the capital. 


This year, the Fashion Week opens up on Men’s fashion with the 2017-2018 autunm winter collection. On this occasion, the biggest Fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Yohji Yamamoto will show their most surprising creations. In order to be ready for the Fashion Week, we have gathered for you some precious information.


First of all, keep in mind that a show usually starts with half an hour delay. You have to be patient and above all, keep smiling (as we say in French “garder la banane”) !


If some of the shows need several months of preparation, the performance in itself only lasts for 15 minutes. This is a true race against time in which every move is carefully orchestrated!

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The price of a show ranges from 10.000 euros to a millions euros. You may as well wear banknotes !


For instance, for only one show, there are up to 200 individuals bustling about to make everything perfect: make-up artists, dressers, technicians…


The allocation of the guests is a bit of a brain-teaser. The seats of the first row are usually assigned to the most important stars. A single mistake in the placement, and here comes the disaster! Thus, on March 2014, Anna Wintour, the hight priestess of fashion, was assigned a seat at the second row for the Valentino show. So much was it scandalous that it was given the name of  “Anna Gate”. However, this wave of panic was in fact irrelevant: Anna Wintour herself had decided to give her seat to one of her colleagues as she had to write an article about the show. More frightened than hurt!


With this last anecdote, the whole team of Pop My World wish you a merry and happy Fashion Week! Keep in mind our agency which can help you to find the perfect showroom for your exhibition !