Pop My World invites you to discover pop-up stores located everywhere in Europe. Always in development, we are proud to be able to add stunning and high-quality places abroad.


Munich 1

1/ Munich, Fritzi

This first pop-up store is located in Munich, near the Gärtnerplatz, not far from the old town et the centre of the city. This space is bright and its surface of 80 m2 will allow you to accommodate up to 80 standing people.



2/ Berlin, Ella

This pop-up store is located in the dynamic German capital, Berlin. In the heart of a district well-known by Germans for shopping, this modern and bright space of 55 m2 has an easy access to public transport and it can accommodate around 30 people.


3/ Berlin, Jenina

Our latest German pop-up store is located in the young and dynamic district of the Potsdamer Platz. It has a wonderful surface of 300 m2 in a setting with a strong identity. Fully equipped, it can accommodate 150 people who will be able to enjoy a terrace.




1/ Ibiza, Roberta 

Located in the heart of Ibiza, this little pop-up store of 30 m2 is charming and has a direct view on the street. With a bohemian chic spirit, this space will catch your heart with its large bay windows. Come and enjoy Ibiza’s sunlight while settling for an evening or more in this unique place which can accommodate up to 20 people.


madrid 2

2/ Madrid, Francisco

This spacious pop-up store hidden in the heart of Madrid is perfect for your lauching events or cocktails. Its modern and simple decoration is fully equipped and you will have at your disposal 250 m2 and you will be able to accommodate up to 100 standing people.




1/ London, Richard

Located in a Victorian style city house in the heart of Soho, it is the perfect setting to host your events. This pop-up store with a surface of 300 m2 is completely modular and it can accommodate up to 150 people on 6 floors that can be privatised.




1/ Milan, Antonella 

This shop of 80 m2 is located at 50 meters of one of the main shopping streets in Milan. It is divided in two different spaces and is suitable to accommodate various kinds of events. It is the perfect place for the success of your ephemeral store or the lauching of your product.



2/ Milan, Alexandra

This unique and elegant pop-up store is located in the most chic district of Milan. Settled in an authentic building, it is composed of 5 large luxurious rooms. It also provides several entrances and its windows have direct view on the street. Completely modular, several possibilities are possible with this surprising space in the center of the city.


Perfect for your product launching, showroom or ephemeral shop, these pop-up stores are located in European big cities’ dynamic districts.

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