for rent for your event in Paris

The refined rooms of this workshop are both cultural and elegant. On the occasion of your private Dinner or seminar, you could take the time to wander from the wooden vaulted statues to the ones made in stone. You could also have the opportunity to take a walk in the small and green garden which surrounds the house.

The place is composed of a workshop under a glass roof, a large room fully illuminated next to the house and an adjoining room. The house is composed of 4 rooms in a row, decorated by beautiful statues, as well as a veranda, opening on the garden by the side of which is the second workshop. The latter is the biggest spaces of this venue.

For private or professional events, this workshop can host up to 80 guests. So to speak, this place is perfect for small event but small event which will benefit from a unique and cultural setting.


A very nice place that we strongly advise for Product launch or private Dinners.

Standing Capacity: 80

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