80’S EXPERIENCE : A Disco-style street art event

Come experience a blast from the past in the style of the 80s! The shining star of this occasion? The Rubik’s Cube, a key cultural reference from the era. Each and every element of this event will help you feel like you’ve truly gone back in time.

Throughout the morning, you’ll attend the creation of a colorful street art mural. For the delight of your tastebuds, you’ll be able to savor Rubik’s Cube-shaped pastries, as well as other sweets and foods typical of the 80s. For a touch of modern, we’ll be offering Oohos, a fingerfood made from bubbles of water you can eat and created by a London start-up.

For even further immersion in the 80s decade, there will be a disco playlist and a space for retro gaming (think Pacman, Pinball machines, Super Nintendos and other arcade games)! When the mural is finished, there will be a photo-op with all of our guests in front of the work to create a lasting souvenir of this retro-modern occasion. Sticking with the theme of the event, the pictures will be taken with a polaroid camera. They will also be customized with the date of the event and a sticker in the form of an illustration by 2shy, an 80s-influenced street artist.

Thanks to an authentic 80s atmosphere, it’s sure to be a light-hearted, color-filled party!


If you are interested by this event, contact us by phone: or email: contact@pop-myworld.com !